AltSignals (ASI) Set to Rally as Presale Surpasses $840K

• AltSignals has raised more than $840k in its presale.
• The ASI token is being sold for $0.015 during the presale and could rally higher once it lists on exchanges.
• The cryptocurrency market is performing well due to a debt agreement, which could be beneficial to tokens in presale like AltSignals.

AltSignals Presale Crosses New Threshold

AltSignals recently crossed a new threshold in its funding effort, having raised more than $800,000 so far and possibly achieving its objective soon. With this possibility in mind, investors would be watching the project and see how its price would perform in the near term.

What is AltSignals?

AltSignals is an AI-based trading platform designed for cryptocurrency traders to optimise their activities. To achieve its goal, the development team has set a $1 million presale target with ASI token going for $0.015 per token during the sale period.

Cryptocurrency Market Performance

The cryptocurrency market has been performing well since the start of the week as prices of most coins and tokens are trading in the green zone indicating that market sentiments have improved. This rally comes thanks to the debt ceiling agreement in the United States which could benefit tokens in presales like AltSignals when they list on exchanges after reaching their targets.

Price Predictions for ASI Token

Once AltSignals hits its target of raising $1 million, investors will be watching closely to see if there will be any surge in price once it lists on decentralised and centralised crypto exchanges. This could result in increased demand for ASI tokens as more investors look to take advantage of this opportunity before it’s too late .


Overall, it appears that AltSignals is close to achieving its fundraising objective with 78% of required funds already secured from investors so far. This means that there may be potential earning opportunities available when it lists on exchanges as investor sentiment improves due to recent news surrounding US debt ceiling agreement .