zkLink Launches ‚Dunkirk Test‘ to Establish DeFi Safety Standard

• zkLink, a multi-chain trading middleware utilizing zero-knowledge proofs, announces the first “Dunkirk Test”, a new DeFi safety standard.
• The Dunkirk Test will simulate a sudden shutdown of the zkLink infrastructure and allow users to learn how to recover their assets.
• ZKEX.com and fourteen other partners will be hosting recovery nodes and an open-source asset recovery app has been released on Github.

zkLink Announces First „Dunkirk Test“

zkLink, a multi-chain trading middleware utilizing zero-knowledge proofs, has announced the first “Dunkirk Test”, a new DeFi safety standard that simulates a sudden shutdown of their infrastructure. During this event, users will have the opportunity to try out the emergency asset recovery feature and earn rewards for taking part in the test.

Test Period

The Dunkirk shutdown period begins on May 11 at 12pm Singapore time (UTC +8:00). During this period users can go to one of the participating recovery nodes or use zkLink’s open source asset recovery app to withdraw their assets back to their wallets. One of zkLink’s ecosystem dApps, ZKEX.com will also take part in the shutdown test as well as fourteen other partners who are hosting recovery nodes.

Participation Rewards

To participate in the Dunkirk event, users should first join the campaign on Galxe.com and then trade on ZKEX.com testnet using free test tokens until May 10th when servers will be shut down for 72 hours until May 13th when they reopen again with mainnet launch planned for June 15th 2023 . As an incentive for participation there are rewards available for those who complete trades during this time frame making it beneficial for users to get involved in testing out this new safety standard being set by zkLink .

Aims of Test

The aim of this test is not only give users peace of mind that their assets are safe but also set a new benchmark for safety in the crypto industry as billions of dollars are lost each year due unforeseen events that occur within DeFi protocols such as custody fraud or cross-chain bridge exploits . Vince Yang , co founder of zkLink said “We believe our ‚Dunkirk Test‘ could set a new benchmark for safety in the crypto industry” demonstrating just how important these types of tests are becoming within cryptocurrencies .


This simulated fire drill like setup allows users to practice recovering their funds from various types of scenarios that could potentially occur within cryptocurrency platforms so they can be prepared if ever something goes wrong . With its mainnet launch scheduled for June 15th 2023 , It is clear that zkklinks take security seriously and want all participants including themselves to benefit from what is sure to become an industry standard when it comes down protecting user funds from external threats